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QIX offers support services to Intermediary Administration Entities (IAE) who realize NSRF projects. Those services include:

  • Assessment of investment proposals
  • Management of objections
  • Management and forwarding of informative material (letters of approval/rejection etc)
  • Preparation of relevant material for the investors (contracts, instructions etc)
  • Management of requests (modifications, completions, extensions, payments etc)
  • Verification of investments (verification of financial and substantial targets completion)
  • Filing of the assessing material
  • Digitalization of the assessing material
  • Monitoring of the beneficiaries’ long-term obligations


Sample projects: Assessment and certification of investments through NSRF’s first Initiative

In spring 2010, QIX has completed the following project for Piraeus Bank:

Assessment of 1046 investment proposals, submitted through NSRF’s first initiative, to reinforce small and micro enterprises active in the Manufacturing, Tourism, Trade and Services sectors, under the ROP (Regional Operational Program) of NSRF 2007-2013.

Those proposals were submitted to Piraeus Bank in Epirus and western Macedonia Regions and the Prefecture of Viotia

The proposals were assessed by experienced evaluators with outstanding proficiency of the Program. The quality and objectivity was established by re-assessing a sample 10% of the proposals. The entire project was completed in 40 days.

During the project QIX forwarded informative material to the entirety of investors and managed a total of 214 objections.

In December 2010, QIX undertook the above project’s second stage: the certification of about 500 investments in Attica, Central Macedonia and Thessaly Regions. Experienced consultants, based in our Athens and Thessaloniki offices, perform local reviews on an everyday basis to enterprises that have completed their investment projects.

QIX provides comprehensive Strategic Development Consulting Services to organizations who invest in the areas of Tourism, Industry, Services, Trade Information and Shipping. These investments may include opening a new production unit, modernizing the infrastructure’s technology, creating a new business etc.

  • Business growth through the Incentives investment Law 3299/2004
  • Reinforcing enterprises through the Regional Operational Programs (ROP)
  • Enhancement of hotel online booking projects (digi-lodge project)
  • Support of business projects for electronic services (the e-services)
  • Enhancement business for projects in the shipping industry (Intelligent Maritime Transport)

QIX provides comprehensive services for analysis and design of information systems, offering all the necessary technical consultancy support services from the design stage up to delivery of an information system.

  • Analysis of current situation of the body or unit for the application of IS
  • Analysis of functional specifications of the IS
  • Architecture of the IS
  • Preparation of tender documents
  • Support Services for tenders of the IS
  • Project Management Services
  • IS integration Services


Sample project

The feasibility study as well as the design of the "Information System for Updating Project Monitoring " were recently completed for the project "Training of Elected Representatives of the Local Government in new Information and Communications Technology" under Measure 2.5: “Training of Public Administration employees and studies on the support of modernization of the Public Administration ”.

During the project, an in-depth analysis of technical and functional specifications of the IT system of KEDKE (Central Union of Municipalities and Communities of Greece) was performed as well as the appropriate design of the database to support the project of training the elected representatives of the Local Government.